Team Building

Making programmes is a lot of fun, but it also involves decision-making, multi-tasking and meeting challenges head on. Because these are the very same factors that good team-building events are based on we have developed the Team TV challenge where we can help your workforce to produce their own programme on a relevant company issue, over a dynamic, fun and challenging team building course.

And not only do the attendees benefit, but their companies get the added bonus of a takeaway film on a key company issue!

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The Team TV Challenge is:

  • Stimulating, Exciting, Fun, Memorable & Measurable
  • The programme content is always on a company theme making the output directly transferable to the work-place
  • Offers Effective Communication Techniques, Adapting to New Roles, Leadership, Conflict management, Creativity, Problem solving & Project management
  • Team roles include: Directors, Writers, Presenters, Camera Operators & Set Designers
  • A team experience they’ll never forget!

“Those taking part had an exciting creative time in a beautiful setting.
The skills acquired can now be put to use in publicising
the Charity's work with 50,000 vulnerable children”

— Barnardos